We're giving away a little something for spreading the word out for us: simply back us and share us on Facebook to get a FREE Crystal Glass Screen Protector ($4 USD value) of your choice!

It doesn't matter what phone you own, we'll confirm your choice with you in the campaign survey and ship it out together with your reward.

Here are the steps to get your FREE screen protector:

  1. Back our campaign on Kickstarter (early bird $9 USD or more)

  2. Share our campaign link: http://kck.st/2exDVpv on Facebook  (Set to public)

  3. Remember to @Auxillite in your post!


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Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible to receive the additional crystal glass screen protector you must fulfill all following requirements:

  1. Participant must pledge for a minimum reward of no less than $9 in the Auxillite Kickstarter campaign.
  2. Participant must share the Auxillite Kickstarter campaign link in a public post on participant’s Facebook page with @Auxillite
  3. Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice.
  4. Event will only run until November 12, 2016.